Student Membership

Joining the Mitchell Activity Center (MAC) is quick and easy for students at Seattle Central College or one of our sister Seattle Colleges:

  • If you are enrolled full-time (on campus) at Seattle Central College and paying full tuition for 5+ credits, you are automatically a member! The membership fee is included in your Student Fees, and you just bring your Student ID card to the front desk to get started.
    • If you don't yet have your Student ID card, it can be purchased from the Seattle Central Cashier's Office in BE1104.
  • If you are enrolled at Seattle Central College for 5 credits and if you are enrolled in classes listed below, are not automatically a member; therefore, a small membership fee applies (see fees below). 
    • Adult Basic Education (ABE) class
    • English Second Language (ESL) class 
  • If you are a student at North Seattle College or South Seattle College, a small membership fee applies (see below). This fee must be paid at the Seattle Central Cashier's Office in BE1104.
Membership Fees
Membership Fee
5+ credits on campus only (automatic) $60
Full-time at another college in district $60
4 or less credits (optional) $60
ABE, ESL, Self-Paced (optional) $60