Policies & Procedures

Environmental Health & Safety

Seattle Central College places a high value on the safety and health of all students, employees and visitors to our campuses. The college utilizes the Incident Report Form for all reporting. When an occurrence happens a form must be filled out within 24 hours or submitted the next business day. All completed forms must be submitted to the Public Safety Office in room BE1108. The office can be contacted at 206.934.5442 for assistance in completing the form.

Mitchell Activity Center Policies and Procedures

You must present a current access card, issued by Seattle Central College, or access will be denied.

You must sign an express assumption of risk form prior to using the facility.

Your membership must be current, or access will be denied.

You are responsible for the provision of your own medical insurance and are not covered by the State of Washington, the Seattle Community Colleges, Seattle Central Community College or any of its agents or employees for injuries sustained while using the Mitchell Activity Center or participating in an activity at the Mitchell Activity Center.

Individuals under the age of 18 are not allowed to use the weight room facility.

Seattle Central Community College, the Mitchell Activity Center and the Mitchell Activity Center Staff do not assume responsibility for any lost or stolen items.

You understand that swearing or threatening the staff in any manner of failure to comply with other policies may result in immediate expulsion from the facility.

All members agree to treat the staff and other members with respect.

All members agree to treat the equipment and facilities with respect and understand that willful destruction of school property will result in a loss of visiting privileges and holds placed on transcripts and degrees and restitution is made.

All members agree to follow the dress code: athletic shoes, athletic pants/shorts, and shirts while using the weight room. Boots, belts, pants, and buttoned shirts damage the upholstery and are not allowed in the weight room. Shoes must be worn at all times while in the weight room.

No photographs or videos may be taken in the weight room. Headphone must be used when listening to personal music in the weight room. No phone calls may be taken in the weight room.

No bags, backpacks, or personal belongings aside from water bottles are allowed on the floor in the weight room. Day use lockers are available for use in the weight room.

Personal training is not allowed except by Fitness Center Specialists.

Food or beverages (aside from water) are not permitted in the building ASIDE from the MAC lobby and Room 210.