Tournaments & Games

The Mitchell Activity Center is proud to partner with Tournaments and Games (TAG) - a student organization that helps organize and facilitate recreational activities that promote student involvement, fair play and physical activity as well as connect students to the resources available at the Mitchell Activity Center. 

Do you have questions? Stop by our office hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10 a.m.–2 p.m. in the Atrium, or visit the Mitchell Activity Center front desk.

Sign-up for Upcoming Tournaments and Games

We have a great line-up of tournaments, games and activities, and we hope you can join us. Contact us at for more information about upcoming events and instructions on how to sign-up.

If you are participating in an upcoming event, please complete and submit the Code of Conduct 2015 (pdf).

      Sports & Activities Clubs

      Seattle Central's Student Leadership has a number of registered clubs and organizations that promote sports, games and activities. If you don't see the club you are looking for, consider getting a group together to create one. 

      Clubs interested in requesting funding should complete and submit the Purchase Request Form TAG 2015 (pdf) at least three weeks prior to the date you need it by. If you have any questions, contact TAG members at

      TAG Members

      • Silvia Tan (Silvia)
      • Shang-Yu Chaing (Heidi)
      • Hsu Wen-Po (Paul)
      • Fuming Shi (Zane)
      • Phat Ta (Peter)
      • Quan Banh (Gwen)
      • Linh Mai (Linh)